Thursday, August 31, 2006

Dancing Legos

I suppose if you'd spent a considerable amount of money and time keeping up with the latest Lego sets for a pair of nephews who have their own Lego Lab in the basement-- have I mentioned frantically bidding on eBay to obtain the sold-out Harry Potter Castle so that the little darlings might have what they so desperately wanted one particular Christmas? -- you'd also be amused to see what some talented young (or perhaps it's just youthful) artists have done with their legos.

Combining performing Legos and Monty Python makes my little geek heart sing. It's also much more fun to watch the Legos dance around than it is to step on them in bare feet.

But hands down, my favorite is still Darth Vader conducting a Lego orchestra playing his theme at:

His baton? A light saber, of course.

And what have you done to entertain the world lately?


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