Thursday, August 10, 2006


TAG....I'M IT!!!

I've been tagged by Amanda, over at

5 things in my freezer: ice cream, Lean Cuisine dinners, frozen veggies, frozen blackberries, vinegar ice cubes (for the garbage disposal)

5 things in my closet: clean clothes, luggage, lots and lots of shoes, collection of handbags that I rarely use, paint-spattered clothing used for painting (duh)

5 things in my car: empty Diet Coke bottles (for recycling, eventually), water bottle, battered map of Rochester, DVD to be returned to Blockbuster, book that my nephew was reading and left in my car two weeks ago

5 things in my purse: wallet, concealer, Palm, cell phone, iPod, hairbrush

5 things in my wallet: money (woo hoo - for a change), debit card, drivers license, shopping discount cards, pictures of my nephews and my friends' kids.

If you read my blog, and I do really DOUBT that 5 people do, then TAG YOU'RE IT! Copy and paste into your blog!


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